Patreon Summer

Patreon Summer
This has been a difficult month for many creators. Patreon has decided to block many accounts. It is currently unknown why this happened. I assume two possible versions.

1. High percentage of refunds and complaints about payments. (most possible)
Patreon partners (PayPal / VISA) require that the percentage of refunds and complaints about payments be low. They are very strict about this and may stop cooperating with Patreon (which will kill him). A few percent is already very bad for a patreon. Probably, the percentage of problem payments has become high in the last quarter. Therefore, patreon himself took up the closure of certain accounts with poor statistics. Why exactly "kpop fakes community"? Because some of our Korean friends do not understand that the payments will be monthly. Since patreon has only an English-language interface, it is difficult for some to notice that payments are monthly. The second thing patrons often don't understand is that the fee is charged on the 1st of every month. When someone paid for the subscription on the 27th, and a week later the money was withdrawn again, he may also consider this a fraud. A few people are enough who think that they are being deceived (and cancel their subscription through the bank) and you will have problems. In this case, on the next site (buymeacofee / co-fi), I would advise you to indicate in Korean that payments are automatically debited every month (알려 드립니다! 요금 은 매달 자동적 으로 결제 됩니다.)
2. Massive complaints from fans/studio/other abuse. (less likely)
This option cannot be ruled out. Fans could unite and start writing massive complaints about Patreon. Judging by the fact that some well-known patreons were not released, and also based on the fact that in previous years there were no such incidents, this option is unlikely. I have not been able to find confirmation of this version on Twitter among the communities against the sexualization of celebrities.

If you have any information about this please write to me at [email protected] and maybe this article will be edited.